Welcome to America!

More wealth per capita!

This is what has been wrought,

For thirty pieces of silver.

I am the virus sent to protect the plague.


happy World Pride to all of my friends and family. Be who you are and love whom ever you please. 

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So sick of the sound of people giving up.

When it snows, 

Do you feel the love?


It blows through our bodies.

Return to what we know.

Tonight we’ll eradicate the decay,

We’ll throw the lives that are bent to their knees,

Ignite the flames and burn with rage.

Time is spent and I’ve got a fucking reason to suffocate when breath leads to treason.

Cut the ties,

Collect what’s mine, 

Burn everything,

And feed the fucking ground.

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"I can’t stand moral absolutism. You know, there’s always that guy who wants to point out that Martin Luther King cheated on his wife— as if he obviously couldn’t have been a great person if he did something like that. Or someone will bring out an inspirational quote, and get you to agree, and then inform you that Hitler said it. As if a good thought couldn’t come from Hitler. Moral absolutism keeps us from learning from the past. It’s easy to say: ‘Hitler was a demon. Nazis were all bad seeds.’ That’s simple. It’s much harder to say: ‘Is that humanity? Is that me?’"

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This was Europe around midnight

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What a world! And we get another year in it!

I love how happy that statement is. :)

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