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Watch all of it if you’re a Pokemon fan.

pokémon - It's Always Been Our Dream

Thought this was funny.

internet memes - Memebase: The Beauty of Gestures


epic win photos - Front Flip WIN

Damn you, Scar.

epic win photos - Long Live the King WIN

Props to this individual’s patience.

epic win photos - Flip Book WIN

I’m here, bitches.

BOOM! Hi There! GIF - BOOM! Hi there!

Steam punk golden snitch?

epic win photos - Finger Flight WIN

From when you REALLY hate tailgaters…

epic win photos - Take That Tailgaters WIN


naughty memes - SpongeBob Can Drive?!

naughty memes - IUNNO OKAY

naughty memes - Dafuq Is This?

I thought he could only say “meep”.

naughty memes - WHAT'S GOING ON