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Facebook of the World: May

funny facebook fails - The World News Newsfeed: May 2012

Unlike the manic depressive judgemental pricks on Failblog, I find this funny.

funny science news experiments memes - More Proof My Brain Is Trying to Kill Me

We’re the prophetic generation of bottled water.

Such a beautiful song.

It reeks of madness, but feels so right all the same.
Impossible Landscape
Fear. Pain. Hatred. Power. This is the art of ruin.

Can’t get enough of the “you don’t say” face.

Bright, brilliant light, reflecting back the innocence we’ve sold.
Moments of Clarity

This is a true artist.

funny science news experiments memes - Sometimes We Must Be Content With Only the Questions

A sick bastard, a twister of dark matter.
King Me