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Facebook of the World: May

funny facebook fails - The World News Newsfeed: May 2012

Unlike the manic depressive judgemental pricks on Failblog, I find this funny.

It’s a comfort that’s discovered between two sets of eyes. It’s the hand that stills the other, that shakes like candlelight.

4koma comic strip - Their Cover of 'Baby' Was Terrible

I’d rather kill a stupid flower, and spread its seeds around

Until a garden with our bullet laden morals will be found.

-A Plateful of Our Dead

That is the most beautiful verse I have ever heard. I nearly cry every time I hear it. I don’t think Protest the Hero realizes how amazing their album “Kezia” really is. Lyrical masterpiece.

The ultimate form of treason is the treacherous use of reason.
A distant crash. Vibrations form my personal currency. A lifeline, a sweatbox, the linear mind as one.
Specular Reflection
Oh, shit, I’m racist now.
Close one eye… Step to the side.
Home. The empty space of home. All I’ve known is gone. All I’ve loved is lost. Silence.
Lunar Wilderness

Can’t get enough of the “you don’t say” face.

I awake with a cool breeze blowing through my hair. Rested, stable… A first.
Swim to the Moon