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There goes my manhood.

Tsunoshima Bridge, Japan.

epic win photos - Scenic Road WIN

For you, my dear. <3

I want to get this for you.

epic win photos - Ring WIN
 105 bucks-ish…

I wish my Facebook News Feed had more statuses like this.

funny facebook fails - The Pre-Natal Period

Seriously, does this happen to anyone else?

And no, it doesn’t just count Reblogs. A note is a Like or a Reblog. 

Religious warfare.

epic win photos - Locked and Loaded WIN

I love stuff like this.

epic win photos - Shadow Art WIN

Take a look in a book.

epic win photos - Take a Look, It's in a Book WIN


epic win photos - Mother Nature FTW: Blue Ice Cave, Iceland
Blue Ice Cave in Iceland.

A sick bastard, a twister of dark matter.
On a heavier trip than you can comprehend.
A tornado, trying to mend the life that’s shattered.
Waiting for nothing, to begin.
King Me

And in the darkness… Braid them.

Youtube Troll - Gandalf and the Hobbitses